GFX - A Random Splash of Photoshoppin'
A selection of OTS, Monitor, Chroma Wall, and Banner GFX that I contributed to whilst working as a Broadcast Designer at KSL TV5, FOX59, WB4 and Sinclair Broadcast Group.
Copyright  KSL TV5, FOX59, WB4 and Sinclair Broadcast Group and displayed here solely for portfolio purposes.
Select pages from a Folter Clothing catalog - Copyright Folter Clothing
Layout: Newel Anderson
Photos: Folter Clothing

Standard disclaimer stuff: All work created by me unless otherwise noted. Copyrighted material used for portfolio purposes only. Licensed material, the same. All work copyright Newel Anderson 2019, unless it isn't.
Graphics designed for a local church as well as an independant English teacher - Commissioned
Layout: Newel Anderson
Illustrative Logos and Layout - Commissioned
League of Angels Sample Banners - Project Bid, Artwork copyright League of Angels
Layout/Button: Newel Anderson
Images, Logo: League of Angels
Site Design - Commissioned
Layout: Newel Anderson