Digital Painting - Not Commissioned
Most of these are actually a mix of traditional and digital, though there are a few that are purely digital. Traditional media and/or Krita, Gimp, Photoshop, and Flash. Hiro: fan art from Spectral Souls.
Commissioned and/or Licensed Illustrations of the Mostly Color Variety
Commissioned and/or purchased/licensed illustrations. Shared Strength copyright White Wolf Publishing. Break copyright Weird Tales. PBAIF copyright PBAIF. Shared Strength copyright White Wolf. Electric Frank copyright Dark Horse. Last image copyright Team Kaizan.
Digital - Mostly B&W - Not Commissioned
Some of these are a mix of traditional and digital. Software used: MTPaint, Krita, Flash, Gimp, ArtFlow on Android, etc.
Commissioned and/or Licensed Illustrations of the Mostly B&W Ilk
Commissioned and/or purchased/licensed illustrations. Star Struggle copyright Colby and Lister. Jesus had a Hammer copyright Fashion Victim. 2 Lovers licensed to ALTAR.
Disclaimer: if you're under 18 you should probably exit due to illustrated tobacco use/promotion, European style nudity, and fingernail polish gore.

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Cute and...
Stuff that doesn't really fit anywhere else. The first five were commissioned. The last one was a bid for a game gig.
Illustrative Logos and Layouts
The bulk of these were commissioned. The Camel package (don't look if you're under 18) was done for Camel's art pack contest back in the day. Camel logo and mascot copyright Camel. PBAIF copyright PBAIF. JingleHorse work was work-for-hire. Other logos and elements exclusively licensed. My wife, Karolina Anderson, helped me out with the PBAIF logo.