Super Low Res
Low poly game characters. Skeleton Archer: collaboration with Bassetune Reapers; model and concept provided by Bassetune Reapers, textures done by me. Elephant Man: collaboration with Bassetune Reapers; concept: Bassetune Reapers, model and textures done by me. Software: Primarily Blender.
Silo, Blender, Lightwave, and some ZBrush.
3D Broadcast Elements
Examples of assets done while working at various TV stations. IU/Purdue characters created at FOX59, copyright FOX59. Simpsons elements created at SBG in Flash and Blender, copyright SBG. Simpsons logo provided by SBG corporate. WB frog created at WB4 in Blender and Lightwave (the chair and its accompanying render were created later), copyright WB4. Nascar car created at FOX59 with Wings and Blender, copyright FOX59.
Done in Blender using dyntoplogy. All of these started out as a cube.
Disclaimer: if you're under 18 you should probably exit due to illustrated tobacco use/promotion, European style nudity, and fingernail polish gore.

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Asset Animation. Character animation for Bassetune Reapers. Character Concept: Bassetune Reapers. Art/Animation: me
Simpsons Teaser Elements.
Copyright Sinclair Broadcast Group. Art Direction: Kosta. 2D/3D Animation: me. Software: Flash and Blender.
Random Renders
Miscellaneous projects. For the most part Silo, Wings, and Blender for modelling. Blender internal for rendering.